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Chuqian,in ancient Chinese, refers to the blue and clean sky. The V-shape design of Big Dipper Constellation is therefore adopted as its symbol, demonstrating that team work is highly appreciated in our firm, as the seven biggest stars constitute Big Dipper but twinkled in the sky, as if it could guild you in the dark night.

Chuqian, whose service is solely based on the needs of our clients, combines experience, in-depth knowledge and outstanding quality to provide a broad range of legal service to meet their specific needs. In addition to our culture of team work, Skyrunner, the application software especially designed for law firm, is adopted to help standardizing our professional operation on daily basis. We are skilled in using Chinese as well as English as working language.

Our clients share with Chuqian our extensive litigation experience in regular, trial and appellate matters. They also benefits from the specific non-litigation service based on due diligence which we proposed first (the so called "service tailored for individual purpose"). Chuqian has been recognized by clients for leadership in our transactional as well as litigation practices. According to the official survey, Chuqian is well known in local trade association for its above-average income level of an individual team member, although it was just established two years ago.

We recognize diversity initiative. Our young team members, who unexceptionally received a stringent professional training, have experienced professional practices for years, and some of them even benefit from their diversified backgrounds. Our pro bono policy encourages attorneys to devote their time to pro bono matters, providing legal assistance to the poor and to the charitable or community organizations serving the indigent, who would otherwise be unable to afford legal representation. Our attorneys worked more than 500 hours on pro bono matters during the past year.


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